• Online tracking of all your kindness coins.
  • Receive e-mail Notifications when and where each of your coins generates a new kind act.
  • Access to your personal coin list, history and maps.
  • Experience the joy of giving.
  • Have fun while making the world a kinder place.


How it Works


Tell Us How

Record your positive experience by telling us how you received your Kindness Coin.


Create an Account

Enter your email address to create an account and track the rest of your coins journey.


Keep it Going

Now pass on the coin to another person, along with a kind act, to keep it going.

How to Register

Step 1

Enter your information to create an account and begin tracking your coin.

Step 2

Verify your email address.

Step 3

Complete your Profile, Add a Photo, and Make sure you click the box (in your account profile) to receive updates on your coins progress.

Step 4

Purchase Additional Coins and Register your existing coin numbers.

Step 5

Pass on your coin, along with a random act of kindness, and see how far your kindness goes.

Ready to Show Kindness

To see how far your kindness will go, visit the link below to purchase your own Kindness Coins... They make a great birthday gift or stocking stuffer too!

Kindness Ideas