3 Ways To Be More Kind

Opportunities to be more kind are all around you. Sometimes you just have to take it slow, soak in your environment, and let it occur naturally. Other times, you need a little encouragement to get started. Here are some tips to help you get started on your mindful journey of actively being more kind.


A great way to start participating in more acts of kindness is to volunteer! Check with the local schools, churches, and hospitals in your area, and find out if they are looking for volunteers. You will be surprised to learn that many organizations are in dire need of more helping hands.

Many organizations need people to donate money, but even more organizations need folks to donate their time or resources. Be it handing out food to those in need at church, participating in a school fundraiser for an important cause, or spending a few hours per week at the hospital, the opportunities are there.

Volunteering is a great way to get closer to your community, bond with a group of people, improve your self-esteem, and increase the happiness of yourself and the people around you. It can bring you closer together with your community because you are working on a common goal, and it increases happiness and self-esteem, because the work is rewarding and self-affirming.

Just Listen

Sometimes, we all need someone to just listen. We need someone who can just listen without judgment, without trying to provide solutions, and without interruption. So, one of the kindest things you can do for another person is lend them a loving ear. Just listen

When you find yourself with a distressed loved one, friend, or stranger, try to remember that they might simply just need someone to talk to. The best way to find out what someone needs is to ask. The next time you encounter someone in need, ask if they would like to talk. You would be surprised how helpful this really is!

After taking the time to just listen to someone, you will realize what a difference it makes—in their life and yours! Don’t forget to listen to yourself from time to time, to check in on what your needs are too.

Random Acts of Kindness

At the end of the day, we all want to show kindness to others. Sometimes the best way is to just participate in random acts of kindness everyday. This can be such a simple, fun way to be more kind.

Random acts of kindness are usually simple—give someone a compliment, smile at a stranger, buy someone’s cup of coffee, or give up your seat on a busy train. Being kind doesn’t always have to be gran or well thought out. When there is an opportunity, take it!

Ready to begin engaging in random acts of kindness? Try sending someone a kindness coin!

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